We believe that Southwell, a cathedral town in a rural backwater, is unique. For more than a thousand years it occupied an important place in ecclesiastical affairs, but without coal reserves or water power and a poor road and rail infrastructure the Industrial Revolution left it relatively unscathed. Development after the Second World War, whilst increasing the size of the town, was tempered by open spaces and the survival of a number of the larger gardens. Many of the attractions of village life, whilst benefiting from the amenities often associated with much larger towns, allow the character of Southwell to be maintained.

Members of the Society enjoy a regular programme of talks and visits designed to inform and raise awareness, not only of the special character of the town itself, but of other places of interest in Nottinghamshire and surrounding area. From time to time social events are also held to allow members to meet in a relaxed and informal setting.

If you agree that this is a special town that should be encouraged to grow and flourish whilst retaining its unique character, why not join the Southwell Civic Society? The Society extends a warm welcome to new members who are interested in supporting our efforts to protect and enhance the built environment in and around this gem of a town.

The annual membership subscription is £10, and many of the events are available without additional charge. To join the Society click on the link below, complete the form and follow the instructions on the form:-

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