Milestone modA new pristine milestone can now be seen outside the Saracen’s Head Hotel, installed in May by the Southwell Civic Society. The old milestone erected in the early 18th century by the Leadenham & Southwell Western District Turnpike Trust had weathered to such an extent that it was not only illegible, but also crumbling away.

The new milestone is an exact replica beautifully carved by local stonemason Richard Morley in the same Mansfield hard white stone as the original.

The Civic Society were very fortunate that member and local artist Peter Cartwright had the foresight many years ago to make a full scale accurate drawing record when signs of disintegration began.

Civic Society planning secretary Mike Struggles said the campaign to replace the stone had begun as far back as 2011. The milestone, remarkably, was a Grade II listed building in its own right, consequently the proposal for its total demolition was resisted by English Heritage until they accepted it was beyond repair and did not fall into the normal description of a building.

In 2014 Listed Building Consent for removal of the old stone and replacement by a replica was granted by the District Council. However complex legal and administrative hurdles, including approval by the Secretary of State, were not finally overcome until April when the opportunity was seized to commence carving. Installation was completed on 9th May.

Mike Struggles said he would like to thank the councillors and planning officers at Newark and Sherwood District Council for their help and encouragement to the Society to fulfil its ambition. He also wished to thank architect Jane Holt, Charles Beaumont of Kirkland & Lane and David Donegan of the Saracen’s Head for their assistance.

Covid19 has unfortunately precluded an official unveiling.

Milestone 2
Mike Struggles of Southwell Civic Society and stonemason Richard Morley.

Hand Carving of Milestone mod 









 Hand carving of lettering.

Saracens Shilton Print1818













A Shilton print of 1818 showing the original milestone to left of archway.