Civic Soc Banner photo 2 mod

Audley Ackermann and Peter Kent with the Civic Society banner which has joined flags of other voluntary organisations in the town as part of the Town Council’s initiative to brighten the town centre this year. They have installed new brackets for the hanging baskets which also have tree/flag holders used for Christmas trees last Advent. They were also used to display Union Flags for the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII which are now being replaced by flags representing the voluntary organisations of the town.

The flag shows the Civic Society logo which was developed by members David Willetts and Peter Somerville from a design by David Willetts which he based on an architectural feature that can be seen on the Minster tower. This logo has been used on the Society's documentation and website for many years and can now be seen on the Society's flag in the town.